Loco Habibi

We’ve all been there. A place where life takes a turn that we never expected… or maybe two turns, three turns, maybe it took so many turns you feel like you are in a different state or country all together. I’ve been there too. It seems like we live in that place sometimes. I hope these stories of life and crazy love bring you hope, insight, even distractions, but above all – a good laugh.

Eating to Live

The successes and failures of gluten-free, dairy-free cooking, baking, and grocery shopping.

Bleeding Heart

The good, the bad, and the ugly: A collection of thoughts.

“You weren’t given wings to see the world from a tree.”


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100 Days To Brave

“What’s cool about your calling is that there are no dead ends. Even if you weren’t brave enough to pursue your last opportunity, you can be brave this time.” Day 37 of 100 Days to Brave written by Annie F. Downs 100 Days to Brave: A daily devotional by Annie F. Downs. To be honest,Continue reading “100 Days To Brave”


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Born in Pittsburgh, PA and currently living in Virginia Beach, I live with my husband and pet snake navigating the high and low tides of life.

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